Top 5 healthy items all companies should stock for their employees

With companies like Snack nation disrupting the employee wellness market, it is now more widely accepted that taking care of your staff is not just a privilege for the management board.

Our employees, from the CEO to the janitor all deserve to be part of the “company family culture”. This does not just mean, that we remind them that they are very much part of the company, but also by proving it with actions.

That is why simple things such as having fresh fruit and good quality coffee can sometimes go a long way in employee satisfaction.

Here’s a list of 5 simple albeit game changing items that any office should stock at all times:

1. Healthy supplements

This one may sound a bit unusual and odd, but I thought we might as well start with this one as supplements are something companies do not normally offer, not even supplement or gym companies offer this (As far as I am aware) unless, they are doing it completely unannounced.

Having a pantry full of supplements such as omega 3s, vitamins or even gym pre and post workouts like: Blackwolf workout come in handy as firstly, these are not something companies normally provide, and they cover both men and women, without making it look like it’s only for men who want to get all bulky.

2.  Fresh Fruit

Having a well-stock pantry of fruits is paramount, as healthy employees can be 25% more productive according to this study by Zanebenefits.

Not sure what to offer?

Get a survey out and list all fruits out there, get your employees to fill it out and choose the top 3-5 fruits to stock on your pantry.

You do not need to have a fruit fest, but as long as you regularly offer healthy and fresh fruits, that can even go with their pre or post workout shake (see above), then your employees will absolutely adore you and maybe even put your company name on their next instagram post.

3. High quality tea and coffee

I see this all the time, when companies say they stock “Free” coffee and tea. Hold on a minute, but for health conscious people “Free” is not good enough. Having instant Nescafe is not going to get me excited out of bed to come and work while enjoying fresh and crisp coffee. I’ve worked in many places who offer “free” coffee, and what happens is most employees end up just buying coffee from shops near by.

Sound familiar?

Get a damn good quality espresso machine, and save your employees their daily $3-4 cup of Joes.

4. A good quality blender or nutri bullet

This one can come in handy for making healthy shakes, as your employees will now have protein or post workout supplements, as well as fruits, so having a good quality blender (or two) to help them make these would be essential, and think about it, it’s not that expensive, you just have to buy it once!

5. All natural and healthy spices

As your employees decide to cook their own meals and bring them to work, it is important for them to be able to have Himalayan salt or their organic spices that go with their meals.

I know it may be easier to just ask them to bring their own stuff, but who’s going to bring their salt, pepper and turmeric bottles with them to work?

And if they do, people would just use them and they’d be gone in no time, so who’s responsibility is it to buy them and ensure everyone can use them?

You, the employer! Trust me, it is a small price to pay for the health conscious and happy employees your company will breed!




If you still don’t believe healthy employees = happy employees?

Check this video out:


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