Why Dying from Overwork is no joke!

work-related stress


More often that not I hear people joking about the phrase: “karoshi” which in Japanese literally translates to “overwork death”.

Well my friends, I want to tell you that Karoshi is not something to be taken lightly or even overlooked.

It is tough days that we live in today, striving to not just survive, but to be the best at everything we do.

In the past, when our hunter gatherer ancestors existed, their main goal in life was to survive. They needed to eat, and so going hunting and bringing back food was their objective.

Furthermore, having a place to live and sleep, as well as reproducing were all they thought about.

Fast forward to 2017..


Things don’t appear to be quite the same.

Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Hermes..sound familiar?

It is a materialistic world we live in today, and we are looking to live way beyond our means.

What is the point of working hard all day long in the office? To get promoted? Why? So that we can earn more money and hence be more successful.

By achieving that we will be able to provide the best education to our children, buy the best possible housing, and eat unlimited lobster..

All for what?

What’s the point if we won’t live long enough to enjoy it?

Health, my friends, is the number one priority we must be focusing on. A lot of us nowadays neglect our health for our careers which has detrimental effects on our body and mind.

The goal of the Employee Wellness Network is not to just teach employees how to relax before or after work, but also EMPLOYERS how they can put certain practices and policies in place that will make the lives of their employees better, empowering them to outperform and give the best they can!

With that in mind, welcome to the Employee Wellness Network!

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